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THE BACKBONE of any communications you choose to initiate needs good writing. Chuck Gysi can customize whatever you need and tailor the writing to exact requirements. Writing can be done for the following and even more: news releases, brochures, web sites, advertising, publications of all types, annual reports, news conference materials, newsletters, programs, post cards, annual solicitation letters, invitations, fliers, sales fliers, speeches, ghostwriting, and articles for placement in publications.


PERHAPS YOU already have the words you need for your communications project. You just need them to sing with pizzazz!  Chuck Gysi is a long-time newspaper and magazine editor and knows how to clean up even the roughest copy. He knows The Associated Press Stylebook inside and out and uses that as a tool for ensuring your copy is precise. Editing can be done from things as simple as business letters to grant applications to web sites (especially when you rework them). If you want to ensure your words are working well, let Chuck Gysi of SCAN Communications Co. use his sharp eyes for you.

Publication design

NOT ONLY can we produce the words and edit them well, we can package them in a complete publication for you. Do you need a trifold brochure? How about a long-awaited annual report? Do you need a simple post card to let clients know you moved? Perhaps you would like to give your business stationery a new look. Do you want to have your own magazine or newsletter? No project is too small or too large. We can help you decide what your publication can look like, too. We also work with numerous printers and seek the best bid so that you save money on your publications. We also have experience in maximizing your publication for dissemination online. You can't go wrong with having SCAN Communications Co. produce your next printed piece.

News releases and media relations

WHEN YOU need to get out the word about your business or organization, you often need the media's help. Today, there is more than just newspaper, TV and radio when it comes to media. Chuck Gysi has worked many years as a newspaper editor and knows the difference between a good news release and a bad news release (he tossed thousands of bad ones in the trash!). As a magazine editor, he also was exposed to other types of news releases. Each news release needs to be tailored to the intended audience. There are right times and wrong times to stage a news conference, too. This requires specialized planning and writing that someone as experienced as Chuck Gysi can offer SCAN Communications Co.'s clients. 

Social media

THE BEST way to get the word out about your business or organizations these days is social media. Yes, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram and other platforms all offer exposure you need to let others know about your operations. If you aren't fully engaged in social media, we can get you up and running so you don't miss out. Social media is two-way and we can help engage your customers, clients, members, community and more. Chuck Gysi is a social media guru and will have you up and running in no time with precision plans to monitor your social media pages 24/7/365. Learn more about the social media side of our business at our separate website: SCAN Media LLC.


YOUR PUBLICATIONS come to life when you include photos in them. However, it's been our experience that most photos taken by staffers of businesses and organizations aren't suited for publication.  If you need well-composed photos that are simple while still being professional, SCAN Communications offers digital photography that works. We can include digital photography as part of your communications project and you'll be pleased with how full-color photos jump off the page in your publications.


HAS SOMEONE directed you to write something? A column? A report? A news release? We'll shape words into your style and you take full credit for whatever you need to have written. We'll work with you to fine tune it accurately so it carries the correct message.

Article placement

SOMETIMES YOU need to get your message across in various media. One method is to write an article that tells your story in the form of an article or column and place that article with strategic media, such as newspapers, magazines and web sites. Do you need an article placed? We can work with you to write the article and place it with the proper media.


DO YOU NEED to address an audience? Do you need help shaping your words? Chuck Gysi has crafted the words that community leaders have spoken at major events. When you need help saying the right words at an event, let SCAN Communications give you some assistance.

Web sites and domain names

HAVING BASIC information on the web is better than having NO information available on the web. If you need a basic web site, we can get the information online quickly. In addition, we have the tools to find and procure the proper domain name for your Internet use, and can help you set up like-addressed e-mail accounts for your business or organization. When you need to get information on the Internet quickly, SCAN Communications Co. is there to help you.

Program and event planning

WHEN YOU need to reach out and stage an event, you need help. Where do you host your event? Who do you invite? How do you get out the word about your event? Do you need programs? How do you invite the media to help promote your event? We can help you plan a great event and be successful with it, too. Let us plan your next event.

Project oversight

WHILE WE don't offer every service in the book (we wish we could!), we can work with additional vendors and help you with the oversight of such projects. Do you need a new logo? Do you need TV commercials? Radio jingles? Newspaper advertising? An event banner? We know the right people to bring into the equation and help get out the word in the most cost-effective manner.


ADVERTISING OFFERS a unique opportunity to get across your message the way you want it to appear. Let SCAN Communications Co. design an effective newspaper ad for you. Or we can help you get your message out on TV and radio stations or other media.

All encompassing

SCAN COMMUNICATIONS CO. offers a complete communications package for your business or organization. We offer advice every step of the way and help you implement what's best.  Please call us at 309.228.8000 or e-mail us today so that we can go to work for you!


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