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Samples of our work

Annual report

ANNUAL REPORTS are comprehensive publications that all entities with accountability should produce on an annual basis. Click below for a sample of an annual report produced by SCANcomm's Chuck Gysi:

Rochester Area Foundation/First Homes 2005 annual report   


Newspaper advertising

HERE IS a sample of a newspaper ad created for the Rochester Area Foundation in 2004 in the celebration of its 60th anniversary:

Newspaper ad in Post-Bulletin of Rochester, Minn.



NEWSLETTERS HELP tell the story about your organization or business to members, donors, clients, customers and more.  Everyone always is interested in news, if it is presented in a colorful and lively manner. Click on the links below to see newsletters created for the Rochester Area Foundation by SCANcomm's Chuck Gysi:

Rochester Area Foundation winter 2005 newsletter

First Steps fall 2005 newsletter     


News releases

USING THE news media to get across your message is cost effective and results in great visibility, whether it's a local newspaper or a trade publication. We can help you spread the word by using the media effectively. Click below to view two two news releases written and disseminated by SCANcomm's Chuck Gysi for the Rochester Area Foundation:

Rochester Area Foundation news release

First Homes news release   


Trifold brochures

EVERYBODY USES them and everybody loves receiving them to gain information. If you want customers for your business or donors to your organization to learn more about you, the tried and tested trifold brochure works like a charm. Tell your story in six panels -- three panels on the inside, and three wrapped around the outside. Here's an example of a trifold brochure produced for the Rochester Area Foundation by SCANcomm's Chuck Gysi:

Donor-advised fund trifold brochure


Large brochures

NO MATTER what your needs are, we can custom design a brochure to get your job done. Here is an example of a brochure produced for the Boys & Girls Club of Rochester to raise funds for the organization:

Large fund-raising brochure


Good writing to tell your story

GOOD WRITING is important to help get your message across.  SCANcomm's Chuck Gysi is a long-time writer and editor and knows the most effective way of getting your words in print, read and understood by your audience. Here are two samples of his writing -- one an article written for an Iowa newspaper about a hospital robot and the other about radio communications systems employed during the Olympics that appeared in a hobby radio publication:

Newspaper article in The Hawk Eye of Burlington, Iowa

Magazine article that appeared in Popular Communications


Effective publications to drive action

SOME ORGANIZATIONS and businesses need to send out regular information to their clients, customers, donors and others interested in your activities. SCANcomm can produce a regular magazine or publication for your group or business that will help drive customers and donors to take action. From full publication packages that include writing, photography, design and more, to just design, SCANcomm can do it all for you and get you noticed via mailed or virtual publications. This is a sample of a regular magazine created by SCANcomm for a highly niched readership:

National Communications Magazine for radio hobbyists


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